Who in NYC to lengthen a chromemoly driveshaft?


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Does anyone know a good vendor in NYC area I could use to lengthen my chromemoly driveshaft, I installed a 9" ford rear and need the shaft extended & balanced?
Dennys in NY has done a lot of mine BUT to add an inch won't they just be using your yokes and making a new CM tube ? $$$$ .. I do know someone makes a yoke for the rear end that is an inch longer. Check around.
you might be able to install a longer front yoke or as grumpy pointed out a longer pinion yoke on the rear

longer shaft would require a new tube , youll only save a few dollars reusing the ends but youll be paying for the labor for removal of both ends ,

heres the longer trans yoke for 1350 and 2004r
Forged 1350 slip yoke for 700R and 4L60 Transmission with 27 spline output

and the cheaper non forged but if going to a 9" i wouldnt see why you'd run without a forged yoke on a cm shaft

you can also cut the longer yokes down if needed if it puts you too deep in the trans
Thanks for the great info-the longer yokes look like it will do the trick cause right now I only need about 1" longer but I maybe putting in a T-350 trans after the car gets back together and roadworthy so I maybe able to also take advantage of the longer yokes for that application. I believe the 350 trans is also another 1.75" shorter in length.
thanks again- i will have to take some measurements this weekend to see how i should proceed with this. great input helped alot.
The barrel length on mine is 3 & 3/4", the one dennys sells is 4 & 5/8" which would give me about 2 inches in the trans- is that enough for strength for a street car? not going to abuse it until i get a better motor in it. All together the barrel will be about 2" in the trans and about 2 3/4" out of the trans before the yoke.