Who Is Still Active?


old school tb.com member
Jun 28, 2019
So who is still around from 10-12 years ago? I sold my daily driver 87 GN in 2008 but was active for a few years. I'm memorialized in a few of the stickies above for stirring the pot under my old name Ledzeppac. We had a fun group back then and met up regularly... I was a 22 year old so enjoyed keeping everyone young. We even got a group of 5 or 6 of us and went to a Buckethead concert together in Anaheim. Good times.

Apparently Youtube is colluding with Facebook and after watching a few GN videos the Turbobuick Facebook group popped up and I joined. Saw a post today about a GN meetup in SoCal and was glad to see SoCal was still active.

I'm getting the itch to waste a ton of money again but my heart sank after seeing the prices on Ebay. Can't believe I'm going to have to spend $20-30k!!

My 87 had a hidden demon... I used to get a reading of 8-14 knock under boost and no one could figure out why. After pleading with all the smart guys to "take a look at my GN", replacing damn near everything that could be bolted on and having to fix the GN at 7 am on the side of the 91 freeway in a suit and tie on I finally gave up and bought a car with a warranty... along the way a bunch of guys helped out and I really appreciated the support

So who's around still?

Morgan Hayden, I think he lived in Yorba Linda and had a high 10 second GN.. he was the first GN guy I had ever met. I should have bought his when he offered it...
Lou? I think Lou hated me... or at least my car.
Neal Steward in San Diego with a Stage 2 who helped me out a lot. I think he hated my car too.
Gary Wells? Really liked Gary and his White Turbo T.
Reggie West? Helped out a lot and met up with him when he was at Irwindale.
Graza002 (I forget his real name)
Darkside (I forget his real name)
Brian Lynch the Hipster in San Diego.. he actually drove up to Orange County, worked on my car and spent the night to wake up and continue working on my car all weekend... solid dude.

Do I really need to spend $30K to get back on the team?