Who is using Nitrous on a SyTY?


wamatam fan club member
May 26, 2001
Who has nitrous?

What kit are you using?

How big of a shot?

What computer are you using? i.e. Stock, Fast, etc

Perfomance gains?

How do you control boost?

BTW, I seen a web site a year or so ago with a jetting chart for a NOS plate system that was used on a Typhoon. If anyone has that address that would be appreciated.
there are only two i have heard of using nitrous successfully.
if you are using a stock turbo you need an external wastegate with an electronic controller(bleeder might work), or you will not be able to control boost.
you should be able to use a chipped stock computer with a fogger.
on a stock motor i wouldn't use more than a 50 wet shot, but performance gains would be enormous even with a small shot due to the intercooling properties of nitrous.
do a search on syty.net