Who sells the best quality intercooler reducer hose?

87 WE2

Jun 28, 2002
Hey guys just a quick question. I just picked up a used intercooler & a half (cheap) it did not come with the reducer hose. I remember some talk as too Kirbans reducer not being the best of quality. I need one ASAP and any info on what vendors reducer hose is the best of quality would be apperciated its a 2 1/2" to a 2" that I need (turbo to intercooler). Thanks in advance for the help!
CAS had a good one, blue silicone for my V4.

Kirbans works okay just looks cheesy, easier to install however. :)

Perhaps Ramchargers or Mike Licht at Fullthrottle can hook you up with the blue silicone version.
Thanks for the info, I would prefer a Black reducer since all the other hose's, etc... are black. If I can't find one in black & guess I will go w/the blue.
PTE has black NOMEX reinforced silicone reducing hoses in various diameters and lengths. Just the ticket...