Who should I consider to sell me.........or......


Feb 2, 2002
Heads? I need a ready to bolt on head. I have a set of heads that need to be finished but I have no one that I trust around here to finish them. So either I buy a set or I find someone that can build the ones I have... suggestions?
If you're looking fo an iron head the Champion CNC ported heads are the bang for the buck.


Yeah, what Neal said. I love mine and it was a little cheaper than having a reputable shop port them. Plus, you get the benefit of having everything consistent as well as the ability to order an identical replacement incase something happens that damages one.
OK so I pulled the trigger today I have a set of heads inbound to me from Champion.

Now about timing covers.................... Any suggestions? I rerally dont want to use the factory wore out one......
So bowls are all done and done well? Who did it? Valves/rockers with them? How's the valve guides?

It will be a couple weeks at least before I will be through that way.