Who was just in front of me in Hurst w/turbobuick.com sticker on the back?


Turbo Milk Jug displacmnt
Someone was 2 cars in front of me in the drive thru today in a GN with a TurboBuick.com sticker on their back window in Hurst??
Most likely me. We made a run to SpeedTek on a tire deal and stopped at the Jack-in-the-Crack. I see you're in Fort Worth like me. I'll be heading to Kennedale tonight for the Street Legals. Last week I was the only Buick there amongst a couple hundred imports and domestics. It's embarrasing, especially the way my car runs.
Hey Lance, yep, I'm over in the NW side of Ft.Worth out by Lake Worth, my office is over on Bedford Rd about 3 blocks from SpeedTek. I have plans tonight, but am trying to make it where I can go to Denton on Saturday. Looks like alot of the local TR's will be there.