Who's intercooler


Drive it like you stole it
Apr 17, 2010
Just wondering if any of our members own this car or if anybody knows about this intercooler. Left in a cooler. Looks like a tough and has my curiosity aroused. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas


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Interesting. It looks like a beast. Wonder how efficient they were and if any are still floating around. Seems like with the precision stock location intercooler, the earlier versions were the good ones.
This looked like a Mease to me, MPE, I think this might be his. I'll leave the rest alone.

It is a Mease, i can tell by the necks kick out
Mease made some bad ass pieces. That's still a nice cooler though, heard great things about them but never used one.

Merry Christmas
What a beautiful looking intercooler . Look at those huge necks. Love it.