Whos tired of being broke?


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May 29, 2001
Like it says!
I'm looking at $1500 to go to a new tranny set up. Which is a turbo 400 with a switch pitch convertor. I need to get a cage in my car so I can start racing again at the track I like instead of the **** hole track I have to go to. I need new street tires. I'd love to buy a ball bearing or gt turbo. I want to put a roller cam in my new motor and put it in. Thats just a few things I want to do to my car. Then you through in a wish list that includes big screen tv, hot rod parts for my harley, kick ass home ent set up, furniture for my new house ect ect...... I have $700 saved up and I feel like its 50 cents! Man wasnt there some time when having $700 saved up felt like $7000!

I was just thinking it may have some thing to do with how large you are. The larger you are the smaller the bills seam, that has to be it! In the old days me and my wife weighed less that 300 pounds combined and $700 seamed like $7000. NOW we weigh almost 400 pounds combined and $700 seams like 50 cents!

Ive just made a decision; the old lady has to lose some weight because I'm tired of being broke!

p.s: If she tells me I have to switch to lite beer this could get ugly!
I'm tired of being broke and I only weigh 180 lbs!:D

I know what you mean. I just had my tranny rebuilt $1400. I want a new turbo and injectors $1500. Need new tires $600 I want Razors alky kit $400 Need new rear wing $400 I would like to recover my front seats $700

Just bought the old lady a new Expedition for Christmas, not to mention what the kids got. I need to go rob a bank.:confused:
Same boat here :(

I had a bunch of things planned including new lockup converter and lockup kit for TH400($2100) and switching to 3.42 gears($500+?).I am doing new injectors(probrobly 83's),but the PT70GTQ I want to do is out of the question.

Hopefully after my wedding this June things will change,but for now there are other things to pay for :(

uh oh! the wedding. It's gonna take a while. I noticed it took about a year for me to dive back into the automotive world. Honeymoon ook a lot outta me. after the 4K on the rebuild heads new turbo dp etc i'm just about tapped. Also looking for a house so any future plans after the buildup wil be on hold for a while.

Wife needs to get a second job. :D
i got kid #3 coming any day, car's torn apart, wife stays at home(day care WILL kill ya),work is slow, and car feels slower!
10 second dreams on a 10 minute budget!!!!
Originally posted by turbowidow
(day care WILL kill ya)
10 second dreams on a 10 minute budget!!!!


I have #2 on the way,Going to be Buying a bigger house,Been laid off for almost a month now..:rolleyes:

The car is Together and running well.....But you know your never Finished,And I need a Trans Rebuild,And you Know you have to do a Good converter when you do the trans,And then you have to Get your bigger Turbo and Injectors To match your new Converter.....:p

And so on....And so on....!!!!!..:D
I feel your pain...I sold my 10 second GN (money pit) to go to something more simple/streetable and look:

H/D Tranny: $1100
PI 5 disc L/U Converter: $600
TE45a Turbo: $600
THDP: $400
Need new slicks: $350
Headgaskets and what not: $200
Enclosed trailer for my baby: $4000
New 4 wheeler: $...ummm
2 small kids: $Too much
Wife that thinks our 10 acres grows money: $Way too much!

It's always something...fact of life. It's even worse for me, my brother is Mr.Murphey.
I just installed padlocks on the fridge.. that will economize things :D .. Only I get to stay fat ;)

fear not bretheren.. my tranny bit the bullet a month and a half ago..had a professional build it.. it still sucks. Nothing like having a bunch of $$$ tied up in a car you cant go and have fun with...

I'm down too..
Went thru the tranny problems last year. Way too much money tied up into that and the converter.

Daycare is killing me. My wife did daycare at our old house but when we moved last year, she couldn't get any kids. So she is back to work outside the house and Robby is in daycare. I know one thing, we didn't charge enough!

Bought new tires all the way around and now it just sits in the garage under a cover.

The ever increasing money pit...but its still fun :)
I'll have to agree, I'm tired of being broke too. I'm in the process of rebuilding my motor, a new turbo for it, and a few other items. The way I figure it is as soon as it's running the tranny will go. The sad part is even after the motor is back together I still can not drive it as I'm also in the process of fixing it from the previous owners accident, So right now it sits at my work with no motor in it, no tranny, no interior except the seats, dash, and carpet, the hood is off the RH fender is off, no fromt bumper, no rear bumper, no rocker panel mouldings, no spoiler, It looks like crap. :( But when I'm all done it will look sweet :) but for now I have to listen to my wife say you spent how much on that car again!!! And you still can't drive it. Oh well. I have no regrets I've allways wanted one of these cars. I keep getting asked do you wish you never bought it? And I say No!! I love it... I plan on still having this car when my son turns 16 (He's 10 now) and maybe just maybe I'll let him drive it :p
Man, I have #2 on the way as well. Us TTA guys must love kids (or at least something else). My wife has already decided to stay home after this one for the daycare reason.

With two toys I hate how it takes 6 months or more to save up for each big project. I have so many ideas of thing I want to do everyday, then reality hits :(
My dream is doing the Karate kid thing with my kids (chose)

Someday guys, someday!
well of course we like doing "something else", the car is what got me my wife! sometimes i think kids & cars don't go together, then my 2 year old points to the car and says " daddies tans am...voom voom"...makes being broke worth it.
Wait till your kids get older like mine. My son has #2 grandchild due on 2/18. My daughter is a senior at Penn State, (just tuitition is $9700 a semester) my car has been broken for over 6 years and it needs to be put back together and painted. Built a 10 second street mustang and gave it to my son. And don't forget about that special uncle (SAM) that wants ALL my money.