who's who with all these chips? and where to buy


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Nov 28, 2002
I am having trouble figuring out who makes what. And more importanly where to buy all the various chips you hear about all the time. I assume most guys have a website. Or have a vendor. Some posts mention programers names while others posts only vendors. Hoping to get some of this straight. I have two thrasher chips but would like to try some others, and definitely need some for future mods.

So far I found out how to purchase chips from: Turbotweak, Caspers, PTE, Ramchargers. So far all I know is that Joe Lubrant makes the PTE chips. Do any of the famous names match up with these other vendors? Or who makes them? Where do I buy chips done by Jay Carter, Jim Testa, Red Armstrong? Who makes fullthrottlespeed's chips? Where to I get max effort chips? Who else makes chips that I am missing. Can somone match all the names up with the programmers and their sites if they have one. THANKS
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Bob Bailey writes the code for all Extender and Commander Chips we sell. We also supply those chips to all the others that sell them like Ramchargers. I did the regular chips we sold but now that we have the Commander's we will no longer sell them since those are so much better. Bob and I have been doing this a very long time so if you have questions please fell free to call me at
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Me and friend really like the performance and driveability of Eric`s chips.The best performing chip. Great person to deal with.Very
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