Why am i still hearing knock??? GRRRRR


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May 28, 2001
ok guys i know its knock i have to be hearing im curious as to why im hearing it. i can hear it on both shift points and on the very top end with my foot to the floor. here is what i have done so far......new knock sensor, new plugs, new wires, new MAF, new EGR, power plate, new coil pack and module, new fuel filter, and maybe another thing or 2 that i cant remeber. this has been happening to the car for a long time i think. ok ehre is the rest i am runnin 16-17 psi with sunoco 94 and 1-2 gallons of xylene and it still does it. i am getting fuel up top as i have checked that. im running a thrasher 92 with 45psi at hte rail. i did notice that the cars seems to knock after its been running for a while and i know i have a bad radiator in the car could it be over heating?? i also have a slipping tranny could this casue it between shifts?? could my stock injectors be clogged even though ive run xylene alot. any ideas on what i am getting this?????
stock injectors can still be dirty after running xylene thru them

do you have a new 340m fuel pump???

if the trans slips between shifts, more than likely the boost is spiking high during that time of "neutral"

i suggest a 340 pump, some new injectors, and borrow a window mounted fuel pressure gauge to see if the fuel pressure is rising with the boost
ok so far i have a new reds XP plus fuel pump in there less then 6 months old and i have done the fuel gauge to the windwo deal and that works. as for the trans sliiping i cna see it over boosting in shifts cause it flairs. anotheir thing i was thinkming is that when i have the car in park and i just stab the pedal real fast and sudden it pops or bogs and hesistates. could that be clogged injectors? im going with injecotrs or running too hot. thanks for the help so far
that bog could be anything-- more than likely its the cam sensor not adjusted right,...or bad plug wires/plugs

get the trans fixed, cause that is the main reason why it knocks at the shift-- more boost and a lean condition