why do my subs sound best in rear corner?



I cannot understand i setup my subs on the rear deck facing upwards and then i switched my subs to the back of the trunk faciing backwards towards the headlights and the bass sounds so much deeper and it shakes the car like 2wice as much why is this? Do any of you other people prefer your subs how i am having mine?
If you look at the top of the page, there is a "search" button. Click on it and then you will be prompted to enter what information that you are looking for and it will find the topic for you (if it has been discussed). Most every question that you ask has been discussed on numerous occasions.

Here is a topic that was discussed on October 3, 2001 and at the bottom of the page, Darkfa8 left a link that discusses subwoofer aiming.


It takes a low frequency wave several feet to complete itself. That's why some cars seem to have better bass in front of the car. Also placing them near a corner "loads" them. Try placing them back under the rear deck and fire them toward the tail lights and see if the bass improves. I've always tried moving a box around and firing subs in different directions to achieve the best sound.
I would like to apologize for all of the immaturity i have shown on this board and apologize for repeating posts. I would like to know all of my posts that i post from here on will be serious questions and i will search b4 i post in case i posted before. I got my stereo sounding good now, I have my sub amp burried with bass boost on i have treble and bass at negative as far as they go and i have the super bass eq on +6 low mid +2 high +2. sla is like +1 i think but i change it every now and then, i can turn it up 3/4 of the way and it really pounds hard :) and sounds pretty clear. I found out having the bass and treble at +6 was creating terrible distortion and thats why my stereo sounded bad, now i know how to mess with a stereo. thanks everyone for putting up with my crap
Eighty2Regal, you should work for a custom stereo install shop. You really are a rocket scientist. You would wow the customers with your custom bass and treble settings. Seriously..... ;)