Why do you drive these old pieces of crap?

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Your hog of a car will never handle well. Sure it might go fast in a straight line, but thats it. I dont understnad you guys, you get these V6 Turbo Cars and think your god. My 4cyl will out run most of you guys with no sweat. Come on grow up and live in the new milineum and stop with the old school ****. DOHC all alluminum light weight High revving low emission is where it at and eventually you guys will all be sitting on the porch anyways.
Bring it oonnnnn.

sounds like you been beat up once to many times by the flying bricks, i see your in LA area,i have a flying brick and i am calling u out boy,lets play bring out your fart can and lets do some battle, page me if you like 310-848-2415.

Take him DOWN man!!! I was gonna PM the kid, but he's only like 17. I guess the new turbo was a high school graduation present! Whatever, I don't have time to badger people on other boards, I guess some people do. Kick his AZZ, SeaBass!!! Maybe VTECH and IBBAKAGEN can become best friends forever now. Honda Power!!! ;)
Way to shoot your mouth stupid. Who says that rice rockets are where its at? Just because every kid out there has a stupid civic with a fart can on it. Sure, those cars are fast when done up, but you also have to put alot more money into that Jap crap. Give one of us an 86-87 TR and 1500$, and we'll blow the pants off your sorry little ass in your VTECH P.O.S. So, until you drive a ten second, stock looking turbo Buick you can shut up.

Oh yea, YOU SUCK

:mad: :mad:
Awwwww Maaaaaan, here we go again! Hey V6Kylla, do you know this guy? :D
Still wanna hear what he has to say about that .92 the GNX pulled. I'm almost positive that’s better than his Civic (which probably has cut springs...). Someone jealous of the power of 15-year-old turbo technology?
your going down boy..

:mad: like i said anytime anywhere you like, we can do this, just call me and will set it up.. you got the number on the last post. bring it onnnnnnnnnn..:D
Hey fellas, Gooood 1. As for the punk kid with his mamas jap crap bring your little self to Ft. Wayne, me and a few of my boys Buick hogs for your ass!!!!!
ConGrats VTECH...... You stirred things up. But talk is cheap and i am sure there is someone in La who can smoke your A#@.
MMM lets compare. You have a 4cyl 100 pound rice burner with 5G's invested and you get an incredible 13 seconds WOW :eek: We have an almost 4000lb v6 with under 1000 invested and banging easy 12's if not 11. Trust me man you are out of your league here.
Too Slow for the Left Lane !!!!!

Funny you should mention "high powered civics", I didn't even know these were considered fast cars (Really).
Sunday I was on my way to the grocery store in my "daily driver". I caught up to a young guy in a civic and slowly passed him (minding my own business). Well, the "young buck" quickly came up on my side and revved. I laughed, kept driving and he sped up ahead of me. At the next red traffic light I ended up behind him on the left lane. He began revving up that mean engine of his once again and when the light turned green he punched it. I thought what the hell so (without boosting) punched it myself shortly after he did. He obviously got the jump on me, but in no time I was on his right side, then kindly moved over in front of him. Needless to say he turned off before we got to the next light.

Really didn't think much of it (it was just a civic) until this "young buck" came along. Smiley faces=car lengths between me and he!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
Sorry guys theres no "Kill/fish Story" here 'cept the one the Troll blantantly brought upon himself. Don't let the one hit wonder stir ya'll thats his goal. With that this threads locked.

Personal note: Why waste your time on someone who has obviously been schooled by a TR at one time or another.
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