Why is there an apostrophe in the title of this forum?

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But then you gotta ( is that a word, no ). worry about people using their, there and they're correctly. And words like gotta and so on. Lol
Da werld has larger issues dan a daggum missplacarded ''''''''' and sum peeps has two many time's on der hand.

"Hay wook a wabbit!"
I tend to think missplacarded punctuation is something to take very seriously.

I tend to think that people who point out such issues are smarter than this redneck and are just keeping me on my 9 fingers, balancing is a delicate art.

Always a pleasure and when I stop learning it will be the day the good lord plants me next to my grandmother.


Darn campfire got me all fired up and digressing.
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The world has bigger problem's than missing a ' .

Can a brother get a hug?
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The Grammar Police only look at the body of the threads, not the title?
The Grammar Police only look at the body of the threads, not the title?

We all need some guidance and be able to laugh at our self, life is a trip! No disrespect intended towards the OP as they are just opining their opinion. Am I guilty of talking too much but respect is due.

Just good times my friends.
Well, if we are going to snivel about grammar, ya'all should just call out all the dummies that don't know the difference between there, their and they're. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many here need to learn the difference, Holy shit!

"Though", is a big problem for a lot of those here..........

Course and coarse..... Really???????

Fuck this shit.

The grammar police need to stop on this site. Period.

It's the got damn world wide intererwebs for fuck's sake!
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