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I understand that a wideband O2 should be installed in the DP for heat reasons but have also read that it should be on the top of the DP...why?
I currently have my O2 installed in my THDP about 3" from the 90 degree bend but it's on the engine side of the DP...I plan to go wideband in the future...would this not work?...will I need to put another bung on the top of the DP?
Shouldn't be a problem. I have mine tilted towards the engine side and have done many like it with out any issues. I don't see how it would matter unless you had it on the bottom, then you would have to deal with condensation issue, but could be wrong.
My WB is on the DP as well, about even with A/C drier and #4 cyl, pointed towards fender, no heat sink and seems to be working just fine...
A lot of guys have the wideband located in the DP with no problems and I'm sure it gets hotter than 950 degrees in that location on a WOT run...
There are TWO types of WBs, one by Bosch, and one by NTK.

The Bosch is temp sensitive, at temps low enough to be associated with the turbine housing. The NTK, has a controller in it for maintaining 850dC, or about 1,900 dF. So while you can just about mount the NTK at the turbine housing the Bosch has to be some ways downstream of it.

I have a NTK, mounted by where the cat would have been, and it's been fine right there for well over 20,000 miles now.
It partly depends on which wb sensor you will be using. The ntk that the fast uses can tolerate higher temps than the bosch sensor the innovate and plx and others use. If you go to www.innovatemotorsports.com and go to their forum you will find lots of info on this. I have an Innovate lm1 and love it.
CTX-SLPR said:
Can you put an NKT on a LM-1 or are they not compatable?

Negative Ghostrider...... you cannot interchange the NTK sensor with the Bosch. Everything I read suggest both are great sensors...... I believe you can thank Volkswagen for the Bosch sensor.... which made all wideband stuff relatively affordable...... you can find replacement Bosch sensors for under $50.......

Go try and find an NTK sensor .... and price it..... :eek:
The sensors operate at different temperatures and have different heater characteristics so you cannot just drop one in. The lm1 is supposed to be able to handle either one, by setting an internal switch to either bosch or ntk. However, norbs has tried it and never got the ntk to work properly all the time. I think he said that it seemed to be a heater power issue, so that whenever the battery voltage dropped below 13.8ish the lm1 would reset and begin warming up the sensor all over again. So far Innovate hasn't really addressed the problem.
MSDGN said:
A lot of guys have the wideband located in the DP with no problems and I'm sure it gets hotter than 950 degrees in that location on a WOT run...

Mine is the Bosch that came with the LC1 and 950º is about the limit on it.
The NTK has always been the standard for how WBs are judged going back to when all there were in the WBs, were the Horiba's. And the sensors they use, are lab grade, well, at least according to some of the oem tech people I've talked to. The Bosch while good, is a much less expensive unit, and you just can't expect the same level of precision for 1/3 (approx) the price. Both, can be made to work very well, but you can only do so much. I use both a fair bit. For my *universal* tailpipe adapter setup I use a LM-1, and then in my own permanent set-up with some custom electronics, I use a NTK. I don't do lab grade work, and both work just fine for me.

With the higher operating temp., and want for a quick warm-up the trade off for the NTK is needing a fully charged battery, a recrank is often long enough with a low enough voltage that the heater process has to basically restart.

When you consider a warm-up time means getting to ~1,800dF (for the NTK)in 20 seconds, and also being stable enough to work, that lil sensor inside, is really something unique. With the Bosch's lower operating temp., it's just slightly more forgiving. If one of the heater designers wants to jump in I for one would like to hear if there are other considerations involved.
Could a heat sink be used , that way he could keep his bung in the downpipe ?


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yep! pacecarta uses one, and I made one with a 4x4" piece of copper, got that idea from Innovate..cheaper than the heat sink to make