Widest tire on GTA Rims ?


Apr 13, 2007
What is the largest size front tire that will fit a stock gn on GTA rear wheels?
I'm looking at the BF Goodridge G Force Sport Comp 2
Either 225 55 / 16 or preferably 245 50 / 16. They don't make 235 size.
I run toyo 275 TQ drag radials on mine for the street, perfect fit with plenty of frame and fender clearance. They run a little narrow, other 275s ive seen are almost an inch wider but not available in 16", not a ton of choices for wide 16" tires anymore unfortunately. If youre looking for a more street oriented tire the 245 bfg's are about the widest you'll find but depending on your power level they can be sketchy. I think they look kinda smallish too.
I apologize, didnt catch that you were looking for front tires, 245s will fit but will rub the inner fenders slightly at full lock and, depending on the health of your front springs, the outer edge may rub the fender on large bumps. If you arent willing to tolerate any rub you should stick with 225s for the front
Since your using rear wheels with a spacer on the front I would go with the 225's. I have those tires in 245 on the front with front GTA wheels.
Thank you. My springs are good but I was thinking of lowering the front from stock by 1 inch. So that's something to consider.
245 BFGs on the front touch the sway bar or fender liner at full lock. The BFG Sport Comp in 245 was slightly larger than the old Kumho 245s I had before. I have 4 front GTAs with 245s on the front and 255s on the rear. Car is also lowered about 1-1 1/2 inches with Eibach springs currently.

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