Wil I need bigger injectors with alky ?


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Apr 30, 2005
The TTA is put away for the winter and I am planning my spring mods.
The car is basically stock (and want to keep it as stock as possible) and I will be adding Razors alky kit come March.

My concern is, last month I put in new 30lb green tip injectors and need to know if they are big enough to run alky with a hopeful boost of around 22 to 24 psi ? Right now I run straight 100 octane, 20 lbs boost with occasional knock of 2.1 at the top of third gear. Sometimes there is O knock at the top of third gear. When I do a recall on the scan master the 02 is usually 780 or as high as 820 on different runs

Any opinions ?

Here is the only things that I have done.

Turbo tweak chip (will have to get a new one for the alky)
RJC powerplate
30 lb green tip injectors

Scanmaster shows at idle
02 changes constantly
AF 05
L8 36
INT 128
BL 133
TPS .42
IAC 16
cc 34 - 240
ATS 89
Guess depends how fast you want to go. The 30's will support approx 116 MPH with alky. About 108 without.

You need to monitor injector duty cycle to see where your at. Only way to do so is either have the chip burned with the fast update so it shows the PW or hook a direct scan to the ecm and record(prefered)