Will any paint stick to inner fenders?


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My 17 year old inner fenders are showing their age. I was wondering if any of you body guys could recommend a technique or product that will adhere to the plastic inner fenders and stand up to the flexing/vibrations they must endure.

Mine are still in good shape and all, just dingy beyond what SuperClean etc can do for them

Plus, if possible, IK'm toying with the idea of painting them my body color (dark blue). No....a nice look, not ricer 101

If not, a durable flat black recommendation would be appreciated
I hit mine with a black rustoleum spray can from the hardware store, thought maybe it'd be more durable....I liked how it turned out.
Jim- Eastwood Co. makes a black etching primer in satin black which you could use as is or as an undercoat. I just bought three cans for my projects. Did you get the new motor in yet?
SEM Products

In order for the paint to stay on plastic, it must have a "tooth" on the surface.
SEM Products makes a cleaner called Plastic prep. You first wash the surfaces w/ a degreaser til the water no longer beads up.
You then hit it w/ the prep. That causes the surface to get a bit tacky.
You then shoot a lite coat of their vinyl paint on and let it dry a bit. Then 2 wet coats... The longer it dries, the better the adhesion.

I use it on all the plastic parts on my cars.. Works great and looks original....Comes in lots of colors.. in aerosol too. I use a touchup gun to shoot it.

My $.02 worth....

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Just an idea, I have been wanting to try that bedliner stuff for quite a while now. I too think the key would be in the preparation.
Ive always cleaned mine up really good about once a year and rattle can'd them with Krylon Semi-Flat Black. Works just fine for me.