Will methanol injection affect my aluminum heads/intake manifold?


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Oct 1, 2003
I have aluminum heads and intake manifold. Does this pose an problems with using methanol injection? I assume not since people seem to be doing it, but put my mind at ease!

My JY kit should be up and going within the week!:cool:
No, none. I have never used anything but straight methanol in the 10 or so years I have been using alky injection. I have had GN-1 heads for several years. Never had any problem.

As fast as Methanol evaporates, it would be nearly impossible for it to stay in contact with the heads or intake long enough for it to cause corrosion.
Yup.. you mist it into the motor, hit it with 50 degree or hotter air temps.. it flashes and is gone.... pooof :)

Why it works so well..
Sorry I got my acronyms mixed up. I meant DIY alcohol injection, not JY (junkyard) alcohol injection.

Its fully installed, now its time to start tuning it. I'm using an M5 with 100% water right now so that I can use my oil pressure gauge with the system to make sure everything is working as it should.

Next week sometime I will convert to alcohol and an M10. I might use denatured, not sure if I have the juevos yet for methanol. I read that methanol requires the resovoir to be airtight? My resovoir is not airtight, but its also a windshield fluid resovior, and windshield fluid contains methanol, so I'm confused.

Overall I'm very happy with how this system has turned out, its very stealth, and so far so good. I can only run 8psi on 91octane right now, I'm hoping for 10psi+ when I get this tuned. Also throwing on a .96 AR housing next weekend, this pile might actually start producing at the track! Thanks turbobuick.com for all the resources.
JunkYard Alcohol :eek: .. priceless

Actually you have somethings all wrong, I guess you've been hanging around the wrong crowd. First is you will detonate far easier with water than alcohol. Next is the reservoir doesnt need to be airtight, tho having it vented will let the alcohol evaporate.. you dont want this to happen

No huevos needed.. it will work so much better when you shoot the stuff straight in. Drop your fuel pressure a little, pump some alky into the motor.... and up the boost.. If you spray too much, it will become a little lazy, but wont KR. And based on your cubic inches, i'd be playing with the M15 nozzle.. at least.

The Mustang guys for some reason have this belief that water is the way, and after months of seeing them blowing head gaskets, burning holes into pistons, saying that 10:1 AFR is rich and safe, and a lot of the other nuances which have no basis, I've come to the conclusion its due to the fact they dont monitor knock retard like we Buick guys do. See what makes our little motors scream and stay together is we watch for one thing above all else. And thats knock retard. On a Mustang there is no knock sensor, so what you dont know wont hurt you.

There wouldnt be a 10 second Buick hadnt it been for the knock sensor. When you can cross this belief, you will come to the dark side. And learn how to keep cast pistons, cast cranks, 2 bolt blocks, living at 600 HP.

Peace.. Hope I made some changes in your thinking.
I said I'm using water for now so that I can use the pressure gauge to make sure the system is functioning properly. Per your advice, my gauge will not work with alcohol. Thats why my post said I'm switching to alcohol and the M10 next week. Maybe I'll try the M15.

I agree most mustang guys don't know anything about tuning, I have a wideband and programable piggyback, and tune based on experience, not the corral. :cool:
Cool.. I can never say or mention enough...

Alcohol wont damage a pressure guage instantly, I mean if you hook it up, and run it for a couple minutes, then wash it out. I doubt any harm will come to it. It s more the use of it permanently is where issues arise.

Glad your reading, only thing I want is for you to succeed..