Window trim attachment...

Boston GN

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May 24, 2001
Not sure if this is the correct place or should it be in the restoration section, but this is tech IMO, lol.
Now, the window trim just clips into the clips around the, lets say, front windshield. How do the clips attach to the a-pillar if they are missing?
I assume you are refering the the outside windshield molding? If you look in the channel between the glass and metal you should see a pinhead style rivet about every 12 inches on the the top and sides. The plastic clip has a slot that slides over the rivet. If yours are missing you might want to look at having a glass shop put those on for you because you sometimes need to remove some of the urethane bonding sealant to get them on and by cutting away some of the sealant you are risking creating a hole so water can leak in.

Eric Fisher
They just slide on over the rivets and you can get them at your local auto paint supply store, their cheap so get extras in case you break any.
Tarey D.