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Jun 25, 2003
Hey, I was wondering is anyone knows where i can get a driver side window? Mine has scratches on it. Not very nice on the eyes:(

Any help would be great. Thanks alot, Mike

I have a used one laying around if you are in need of one.

If you would like it feel free to drop me an E-mail.

Thank You
How many and how bad?

Some scratches can be polished out with cerium oxide or other compounds - but use a glass shop - not for the novice...
Well it has quite a few scratches on it. Definitley want to replace it. I bought the car like that, so i dont know how it even happened. I was wondering if maybe a junkyard or something like that would have one. Does the Regal window fit our GN.s?

Thanks again, Mike
yes the ones from the regals in the j/y will fit ours. Just make sure of the power/manual window option.
This may sound stupid, but have you contacted a glass shop in your area? I'm not sure that Regal ds window glass can't be had new from a glass shop, and if so, maybe it i$n't all that much.

Let us know.