wiring harness installation


I redid the front and rear of my '87 GN with SpoolFool fillers, and thought I'd pass along these Danko's that I took off. They are painted black, and are in pretty good shape ... There are no cracks or major damage to them, and they are clean. The biggest flaws are the rub divots that the top corner of my bumper made in the curved surface of the filler as it transitions from the top to the side. Both sides have the feature, some of which is hidden underneath the bumper when mounted. They wouldn't be very noticeable if you just touched them up with some Dupli-Color or the like. There are also smaller rub spots on the lower front corner of the fillers from the lower corner of the bumper, as well as a few other paint flaws from the DS bezel, and grill on the passenger side. None of these last issues can be seen when mounted. It was a sunny day when I took the pics, and the fillers look better than the pics ... The sunlight caught all the minor imperfections. These are off a NorCal GN, so they've had a pretty easy life snow/ice/hail-wise LOL. I'm asking $100 shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States, and I can take PayPal if you gift/Friends&Family the funds. I have a few more pics available, so PM me to email or post in PM. First one to PM me they want them gets them, and thanks for looking ...
John A, Turbohh
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