Wiring N20 On Felpro


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May 25, 2001
The harness that I received from MAC at fast track has a N20 harness wired into it. How do I hook nitrous up to the felpro computer?:cool:
I was told that I would have to buy an optional harness from the plug to the solenoids. But from what it looks like, if you could get a plug that matches your harness you would wire them like so

Pink wire-- +12v for N2O enable
Red wire -- to +12v source
Orange wire – to positive side of 1st stage nitrous solenoid
Brown wire –to positive side of 2nd stage nitrous solenoid (if used)

Let me know how it works out as I will be using the N2O option also
If you guys make your own nitrous harness, make darn sure you do not connect ECU directly to the nitrous solenoids. Use a relay for each solenoid. A typical nitrous solenoid will draw about 7-14 amps and the ECU can't sink that much current without damaging it in the process. I've had a couple of cases where customers have done this with nitrous solenoids, fan and fuel pump. It makes for a pricey repair. :eek: