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Oct 30, 2001
Here'e how i want to hook my two amps up. Run one 4 gauge wire a capcitor and then from the capcitor run one power wire to each amp. Will that work? I just don't wanna get that annoying headlight blink. the amps are both sony xplods, one is the 1000 watt sub amp and the other is a 760watt 2 channel. Will i fry the fuse alot if i wire two amps with one power cord? i think the fuse is 50 or 60 amps.
The amount of current draw depends on how much of the amp's power you will be using. Just because it says 1000 watts does not mean that it automatically draws a certain amount of power. If you fully use the potential of both of the amps I would say the 4g is just about being maxed out. Can't remember what the max current 4g cable with a length of roughly 15ft can handle. Should be around 100 amps. Whatever the current draw is, that is the max size fuse you can use in the 4g wire. There is a major misunderstanding of what the fuse by the battery is for. It is SOLEY there to protect the wire, nothing more. Once the 4g is in the trunk get a distrobution block and feed both the amps. I would put the cap as close to the sub amp as possible. That is where the headlight dimming stems from. But most important of all is the ground. Make sure the ground is at least the same gauge as the power wire. And be sure all ground connections are mint.
Well here's the problem One amp needs an ANL type fuse in the power line and one amp needs an AGU fuse. My sub amp will be pushing one 700 rms DVC 12 sub. the amp is only rated at 600 rms @ 2 ohms. The amp has three 25 amp fuses and they recommend i use and 80 amp ANL fuse. The other amp has one 40 amp fuse and will be pushing two 6x9's rated at 150 rms x 2 and the amp is rated at 150 x2 @ 4 ohms. So what exactly do i need. Can i run two power cords with their own inline fuses or should i run one fused power cord to a distibution block. what fuse would i use in the line and what fuse would i use in the block. Also do they have blocks that have both style fuse holders in it. My mind is just baffeled by this. Also where in the line would i put my capacitor for my sub amp. I really don't wanna go out and spend money on bigger power wire either. I hope 4 gauge is enough for my system. Lastly i have a ground on the rear seat braces of my monte and it is sanded to where i have a ample spot of bare metal.

Any idea what a stock monte carlo ss alternator amp are? if i upgrade to a 100 amp alt will that benifit me. I also need to run my dixie air horns off my battery too and i don't want the comprressor to run slow and have it sound terrible
stock monte alts are like 90amps or so. It should do fine, you will probably just have to turn down the volume at night when sitting at a stop light idling (which you should do anyways just to be considerate to the people around you).

4ga will be fine, if you were to start from scratch i would recommend getting 2ga, but 4ga will work w/o probs.

For a fuse, I would just get a single wafer fuse thats rated @ 150amps. Put it up by the battery.

150A wafer fuse

Wafer fuse holder
so i need to put a 150 amp wafer fuse up front. how should i distribute the power once i get to the trunk and at what point do i put in the capacitor. would it be better use the capcitor for both amps or just for the sub amp?
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so i need to put a 150 amp wafer fuse up front. how should i distribute the power once i get to the trunk and at what point do i put in the capacitor. would it be better use the capcitor for both amps or just for the sub amp?

If you re-read GNandTTA's reply, he has already told you what to do.

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Once the 4G is in the trunk get a distribution block and feed both the amps.

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I would put the cap as close to the sub amp as possible.
I'm confused a little, sorry. Is a fuse block and a distribution block the same thing? Like i know what a fuse block does but is a ditribution block something different in that its already a complete circuit and all it does is split it into two where as a fuse block needs the fuse in place to complete the circuit. I asume then the cap will go after the distribution block. sorry but i'm the type of person that does great with instructions and diagrams. thanks for your help thou, you will help provide some thunder to the streets of PA.
well a fuse block is just what you said, it holds a fuse. distribution blocks can be independently fused or a solid chunk of metal that has several ins/outs.

Here is how I did mine:

From the battery I ran 2ga and then on the pass fender I mounted a wafer fuse block (200A). From there i ran the cable down into the frame and then drilled a hole under the rear seat and ran the cable into the cab from there. I then ran it into the trunk from under the seat where (when I had caps) it went to the cap and then from the cap went to the distribution block. From the block it split up to each amp.

Thanks for helping out a fellow SS owner. I've been gettin alot of different opinions over at pastreetracing.org but you gave me the simplest explanation. So basically all I need is the fuse up by the battery and run it to the distribution block (non fuse type). So a 150 amp wafer fuse will be good for my system? Oh i already got my wire routed through the fire wall under the door sill and back into the trunk, i don't like drilling extra holes in the monte.

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