witch scan tool?



someone wants to sell me a OTC scan tool and someone else wants to sell me a SMII witch is the better tool or do they both do the same?

Take a look at:


and pay special attention to the OTC and ScanMaster columns. The OTC listed is a 4000, so if they are offering you a 2000, it's different in that you can only see 2 parameters of data at a time, has an LED display vs an LCD display, and it is more limited in the years/models of cars it supports.
The 2000 is a good basic scanner. If you can get it cheap, it's pretty neat. The chart listed above should pretty much list the differences between the scan tools.... if it's not clear and you have some specific questions, drop me a line and I'll answer them as best I can:


As far as the hole drilled in your dash, who knows... maybe someone had gauges mounted there or even a radar detector? I think I would find a way NOT to drill a hole regardless, but that's me.