Won 87 Engine On Ebay What Do I Need To Put It In My 84?


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Jun 11, 2001
Hi I Have Very Clean And Hot Looking 84 Can Someone Give Me A List Of What I Will Need To Make The Switch Thanks.
just pull yours out and put the 87 in. hope you got the harness and computer with the engine. you will need these also.
Wire harness, injector harness, ECM, fuel filter relocated, powersteering reservior (junkyard item), battery cable, longer throttle cable (junkyard), non-turbo regal heater core, AC lines, electric fan, radiator with oil cooler, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. It's a very easy swap.

I watched my dad do the conversion. From what I remember, the fuel filter had to be moved to the 87 location in the back of the car but we never actually tried it in the hotair location. From what I remember it would've interfered with something. You will need the short 87 feed line that goes from the main line near the crossmember to the fuel rail. I'm sure there's more that I forgot but the swap was very easy.
hey cool84 im from socal myself does ur dad have any trouble wit the car since the swap to an 87 wit passing smog?
turbobooster said:
hey cool84 im from socal myself does ur dad have any trouble wit the car since the swap to an 87 wit passing smog?

It's a 276" stageII car. Smog? Smog consists of being friends with the smog guy and a little extra money.

If it were a normal swap, there would be no smog trouble. You can always put the same year or newer motor into a car without smog problems.

Let me know if you're ever in the area. Mine should be out of the bodyshop in a month or two and we'll probably start taking mine and my dad's stageII car out hunting again.
What brake combo is the easiest to make work ? I have a complete 87 drivetrain that uses vaccum brakes that I want to put in an 85 hotair...Should I keep the hydraboost or switch it out with the vaccum setup ?
If the Hydroboost is working fine I would leave it. Easy change to the 87 pump setup.
Keep the Vacuum as a spare
How do I make the 87 PS pump work with the hydro ? Not being able to use 85 and 87 when I search makes getting info harder...Thanx for any help :redface:
how is the swap going?
do you still have the 84 wiring harness?
i an doing a swap into a nonturbo car and could use a wiring harness
thanks andy