Dec 23, 2011
like title says - wandering.........what to expect from this build?

So I blew up my motor two years ago, spiked the boost.

I started collecting parts shortly after - got alot of good parts and I am starting the rebuild. So far heres what I have:
4 billet caps
rjc girdle
bored .030 over
4340 steel stock stroke crank
4340 h beam rods
j&e pistons
212/212 comp roller cam, degreed in
double roller t chain
modded timing cover w/new melling pump
thourghly worked over 8445
ferrea ss valves, set for 130# seat press
kenne bell roller rockers
82 lb injectors
70 turbo, john craig
monster front mount

thats the motor so far. not sure of trans i'm gonna use yet. any suggestions? rearend is pretty well built auburn 31 spline with moser axles and 3;42 gears and t/a rearend girdle. cant decide on a fast or factory computer with a chip, again any suggestions? keep in mind this is gonna be a street car.

any feedback would be great

It looks like you're considering 10 sec. power. Either trans choice is going to be pricey. The 400 is beefy and will require a new converter. the 200 will need to be a stage II or III and if you can use your old conveter you will save money. The aftermarket eng. management is great if you have the know-how or a community close by to assist in the tuning. It will save a lot of time and frustration. The stock computer w/the p/l, etc. would be an easier alternative w/plenty of support.