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Tried to link to a FAST sequential w/b [turbo Buick] tonite and got an error code when the message read not linked. Believe it's a # in parentheses. Is this correct?? [-23] The unit is a DOS version, [S/N 668] The "link" indicator in the upper left corner goes double green, then 1 gr., 1 red.
Checked to see that the computer com port is active and is shown to be operating "OK".

I have "heard" that the newer version manual is on-line for down load. Is this correct???
The car starts and runs and is being driven, but needs ALOT of "help" w/ accel, idle and such.

Ideas??? Lance, ???


Does this laptop currently have Windows on it? If it does, the first thing I would do is boot the machine from a DOS boot disk and eliminate Windows running in the background. Windows handles the com ports differently than DOS and it frequently causes this problem. Starting a DOS prompt from Windows does not solve the problem because Windows is still there in the background.

If it's Windows XP, I wouldn't recommend spending too much time trying to get it to work. I would recommend getting the $25 Windows upgrade. The help files are built into the Windows version and it will end your communication troubles. These days it's getting harder and harder to get DOS software to work on anything. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

I'm working on getting the help files for the Windows software posted on the website as well. It's written specifically for the Windows software, but since the ECU still does the same thing, much of the help info will benefit DOS users as well.
I had a problem once and had to reassign the com port from the dos command. I can remember but it was something like C:/fast/com2 I really can't remember
Windows "NO connect"

Craig, thanx for the input!! Now that I remember, I was in Windows and did not boot the LT into DOS as I should have!!! Guess that's what I get for being an old geezer!!! I have a serious case of CRS!!!
I have the windows version for the LT, But didn't have enough sense to load it and go from there!!:rolleyes:
I'll retry tonite and see what happens. I did advise the customer to get the upgrade. Can you tell us where the s/n 668 came from??