Woodward Dream Cruise??


Lone Wolf
May 24, 2001
Any of you going to be around for that next week? I will be crusing around Friday night 8/17 weather permitting and I think it would be cool to meet up somewhere.
We'll be out there somewhere, probably by the GM display. I will try to keep an eye out for you, but it will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

where will the GM display be/

Jason, where is the GM display? I, and the others, can swing by. Will you be there Friday night?
Actually, I don't know where the GM display will be at this year. :eek: We have to find out.

Chris and I haven't talked about when we will be there yet, so sit tight and we'll get that worked out and get back to you. Hopefully we can meet up!
Hey JasonD/Renthorin

I think you have better chance of find several needles in a hay stack, than to find some at the dream cruise :)

I called my buddy who was at the GM tent last year. I left him message, so I hope he gets back to me (sometime this weekend). I will post the GM info if I get it. I wish I could be there, but my T-Type is in boxes at the moment...lol (really)


FYI some Police “walk” the Dream Cruise with their ticket books.
What is the cruising like Friday?

Having never been to one of these what is the cruising like on Friday night? The actual dream cruse is Sat so is Friday just a lot of cars driving up and down Woodward? Are there any pre-cruise festivities?

Is it stop and go, slow, or normal speed driving?

So many questions....so few days to prepare.....
Hello All

My Buddy came through with the info!
The GM tent will be on Woodard at Lincoln between Maple and
14 mile Rd.

Renthorin The pre- Cruise started last Saturday... haha
I only live a couple miles away and cars are already showing up.
Friday night will be a good night and Saturday will be a standing room only.

On Friday right after work they mark the 2 right lanes as “cruise” lanes. After that Woodard should be avoided if you are really trying to get somewhere! I stopped cruising a few years ago, it was just a parking lot (way too many cars). Better to find you a spot early and walk around. They estimated 1.4 million people are expected, but I heard more like 2 million! The restaurant owners said business has already picked up, it’s like Christmas for them. lol

This weekend is unbelievable!!!

Let me know what route you are planning, maybe I can help you.


TurboGee - what is at the GM tent? Free parts I hope!!!!!

I am planning on going up there around 6:30-7 and just driving around all night. Is that a good plan? I don't really want to leave the GN and walk around.

How far is the cruising? From where to where to where?

Thanks for the tent info....I will try to stop by.

I wish GM were giving away parts...haha

I don't blame you for not wanting to leave your GN sitting without a guard!

They cruise from 10 mile to Maple (15 mile).
It's "grows" every year. Weather is the big factor.

Traffic is not too bad if you are talking 7:00 on Friday, you have a chance. Saturday you will be doing a lot of sitting! (I hope your fan is hard wired)

Traffic gets so bad on Saturday, they sometimes close the ramps to Woodard from 696. The traffic backs up on I-696 freeway,
from people trying to get on Woodard.

Lately they have crossing guards at some of the main cross streets to filter out the cars that don't belong on the cruise route. (haha) I think they would let a GN cruise ;)

It would be a lot better if the GN's could all meet before then drive to a spot.
(Too many GN’s in one spot, might be too much for me to handle... sniff sniff… lol)
Then you could have our GN’s guarded buy the other Buick guys while we take turns walking around.
Maybe next year for me, my T-Type is in boxes at the moment. (bummer)

Hope this helps
Last year, they shut woodward down during the week at 10 pm...the traffic got real bad between 13 and 15 mile...
Shutting down Woodward

They did that last night. Shut it down at 10 between two roads...opened it back up at 11:00. I guess the concern is emergency vehicles and the hospital.

I will be getting there around 7 and staying as late as I can. After that I will just buzz around....maybe go into Detroit.....
I don't know if this helps...

The Motown Muscle Club rented a parking lot south of 11 mile on the west side of Woodward for this weekend. I was there late last night and there were no problems so I might head out there tonight for a hour or two. I saw some good looking GNs when I was out last night. I could swear one had a V8.

For this weekend, I think the parking lot is all filled with reserved spaces, but if you are out tonight, I might be there. Look for a bunch of F-bodies. :) I am sure that you are welcome to stop by and say hi. Just ask for Jason and the guys will tell you if I am there or not.
Turbo 6 everywhere

Tonight the Michigan turbo buick group met up at the Moose preserve bar and grill on sq lake and woodward. There were buicks everywhere. They shut woodward down tonight at 10. It's 11:28pm and just got back from there. It was really jammed between 16 mile all the way down to 10. The only place i saw more turbo buicks was at Norwalk. It was awesome crusing tonight.
I hope Friday night is the same way. It would be cool to have a few TR's (TTA's too) cruising around together.
Well I was there Friday night and it was really cool! Saw lots of other TR's and TTA's. Saw the GM display but was headed the other way and never got back to it.

Had a great time with the crowd. I didn't spin the tires but I did take the T-tops out. I was in the far right lane, closest to the crowd. Heard comments like "now that son is a cool car....it a Montecarlo!!! Doh!!!!"

I was cruising with a guy from my club and when we stopped a guy asked him if it was a hopped up Monte'? He educated him.

Met Jason, but didn't meet up with anyone else that I had chatted with.

I highly recommend the cruise to any and all that can go.
Jason, I would've loved to be at the Dream Cruise but my GN was stolen July 30 th., hope you all had a good time.
Originally posted by Ron
Jason, I would've loved to be at the Dream Cruise but my GN was stolen July 30 th., hope you all had a good time.


That sucks a big one, pal. I am really sorry to hear that.

I met up with Renthorin and his buddy and talked a little bit, but it was pretty much the same ol' same ol'. You didn't miss anything new.

Hope you find your car...or get a good settlement out of it.