would like to go with double pumper can i just use 2 walbros???


wana race my lowrider???
Nov 26, 2002
ive been looking into getting an xp double pumper fuel pump, but a friend of mine said he read some where that you could use two walbro 340 to work the same as dp. does any one run this type of set up or has anyone ever seen it done. thanks:)
that's what the ATR double pumper is-a pair of 340's (Red's is similar)

but, you need a hanger for the pumps, associated plumbing and wiring, and sending unit (which comes with the kits, but you gotta buy the pumps also.....they won't sell the hanger separately)
Yes you can as AZ pointed out and I think (emphasize think) that Racetronix was selling a kit to do this. Look them up and check it out.
Actually Jack is looking to do something like this but it's not in production yet. If you look in the Adver. Specials you'll see that this is a thought, but not a product yet. Fact is. racetronix does produce something that could lead Wicked in the right direction. The hanger, well, I don't know. A little fab work could get you there. Like I said, look them up and see what Jack has to say about the situation. I'm sure he could lead you down the right path.
I don't know, just trying to help.
-I was just on the racetronix web site and couldn't find anything on the double pumper. What is the complete kits price?

-Would that be to big of a pump for a high 10 sec car? the reason I ask is that I have plans to go faster and don't want buy another pump.
The more threads I read about Doug J, the more I believe we went to different high schools together. :p Not only did I learn that my rear suspension modifications were virtually identical to his, now I find that my double pumper project I'm literally in the middle of is almost dead spot on as well. This is trippy. I got to agree on the hanger mods, placement of the filter, etc. I'm using somewhat different parts but I scrounged for them (kudos to Lee and Kendall in my quest for frugalty).

I did cut the 1" necked down portion of the return line tube on the hanger figuring it's a restriction. Double clamping it should be fine.
Originally posted by HGturboT
-I was just on the racetronix web site and couldn't find anything on the double pumper. What is the complete kits price?

When I talked with Jack from Racetronix a few weeks ago, he said they do not plan to develop a double pumper kit. Am sure if he sees this, he will comment.:)