I gave a GS a chance earlier this year when I was "looking". Ya, I'm an old guy, but like power AND comfort. I was underwhelmed with the GS on many counts, especially power, and fit and finish wasn't what I expected.

I guess that's why I'm now driving a TWIN TURBO V6 Ford product.
Which Ford did you go with? My Dad has the eco-boost F150 King Ranch and it is really nice. I got to drive it once and it seemed to get up and go nice. Weird thing I did noticed about that is rims are 5 bolts...
I ended up buying the Ecoboost powered Lincoln MKT. Lincoln's version of Ford's Flex, but.... (I think prettier). And... OMG fast!!

2 things I've brought up in other conversations.. Europe getting all the better versions of our cars. And Ford jumping in front of the battle with GM. When it comes to power and engine technology. When will GM listen to its customers