WTB 1984-87 Regal for my GN clone project


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Jun 20, 2008
I am looking for a 1984-87 Regal for a hot air GN clone project. I did have a VERY good candidate that met an untimely demise due to uncontrollable circumstances. I live in Radcliff, KY so would like to find something semi-local...Louisville...Bowling Green?? Its OK if the engine and tranny is bad/gone as I have a 1984 GN engine/trans/Ecm and wiring all ready to go.

The car MUST have a good clear title, and would prefer it to not be wrecked or have broken glass. Some slight damage is OK though, as I can do bodywork. Would really like the car to be a fixer upper, because I'm going to strip out the drivetrain and paint the body anyhow. Thanks a bunch.
Thanks for the replies and PM's about Regals for sale everybody, but I found me a replacement locally that Im picking up this weekend. Ill be posting pics as I make progress in my cloning adventure.:cool: