wtb-1987 gn in ky,ind,tenn


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looking for nice grand national,no t-tops,no sunroof,no rust,some modifications,but has to be totally steetable! price?
I have a line on a decent non-modded all original 87 GN in centralKY. It has 93,000 miles on it and the price is right. PM me for more details.
My friend is selling his 1987 GN hardtop with 80,000 miles. It's located in Bowling Green, Ky and is a really nice car with the lack of power options option. Makes it a little lighter and rarer. Has a TA-60, Walbro fuel pump, 40# injectors, Fully built trans w/ 3,500 Art Carr stall, SMC progressive alky and the other usual things. It's on Ebay for 2 more hours right now. Call him (Marty) at 615-715-5720. If it doesn't sell I'm sure he'll relist it.

i looked at marty's car thursday, he informed the paint was good on the phone,so i was very disappointed when i got there. its would not idle ans a few other things i didn't expect,but i might give him a call back anyway.
Marty's car does have the usual GM checking but it is 20 year old original paint. The good thing about this is there shouldn't be any hidden bdoywork on a car with original paint. You should go back and drive it as it really does drive nice. Are you the guy from Louisville, Leitchfield or Georgia?
i might call him back today, he wanted way too much money for a car that needs paint,you know it will have to be stripped completey to repaint the car.i am from leitchfield.