WTB 3.8 SFI Turbo emblems


Dec 1, 2007
Looking for a set of 3.8 SFI Turbo hood emblems for an 87 GN. I would like a new set, but a mint used set would be fine. Not looking for any reproduction sets. Genuine GM sets only. Thanks....HH

They Were Backordered For A Few Mo,i Believe You Gan Get Them From The Dealer Now,approx 40.00 Each
GM list price is $50.68 each. :eek: Hopefully your GM dealer gives you a discount.

The Repros Look Alike,but The Chrome Wears Off Very Easy,then They Show Gray Plastic.i Guess It Depends On How You Care For Your Car, If You Buff The Car Every Year, The Buffer May Wear Off The Chrome(if You Don't Tape Them Off Prior)
I bought a set from Kirbans when I painted my T Type last year and they looked GREAT and still do plus you can't beat the price they were around $20.