WTB 3rd gen Firebird


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May 24, 2001
Looking to aquire a third gen Firebird to start my project off. I just need a body with no rust. I really hate rust. No motor or tranny needed. If the dash is black I have an extra interior to go with it so thats also not a concern. Wouldn't mind an 89 and later 700r4 also. Anyone have what I need post a reply or give me a call at 382-1940 9-11 PM. What I don't want is a pristine TPI car to destroy. On a tight budget as I am also aquiring a 87 Supra turbo.
Sup Ivan, sorry...I dont know anyone with an F-body Firebird. I didnt get a chance to call you the previous nights about the 307 fuel pump. cause I'm usually at the gym passing time, and forgetting to call you for the pump. I still want to buy it...just that I dont need the hot wire kit. I'll inquire with my friend at the gym who has a TR also, the one with the nice black one if he would by the hot-wire. less for me to spend. I'll let you know. shoots man!