WTB 86 or 87 T-TOP GN with <20,000 orig. miles


I'm looking for a really nice, well equipped, all original, fully documented (window sticker, manuals etc), 1986 or 1987 Grand National with T-tops and <20,000 actual miles. Seems to be a lot more popping up out there represented like this, but they seem fishy when you start researching further. So, I'm looking for the real thing. Preferably one that that has been garage kept it's entire life, has a somewhat chronological paper trail, never raced or modded, and possibly a one or two owner car, for a fair price. I want one I can mostly haul and occasionally drive to car shows and cruises. If anyone knows of one like this, please forward any information that you have to me. thanks, kna4977@hotmail.com
I have what you are looking for. What do you consider a fair price?

It will depend entirely on the mileage, condition, appearance, options, etc., Without details in these areas, it would be hard to give a definate price. In general by just watching e-bay, other auctions and looking at online ads the market seems to be somewhere in the ballpark of $20-$25K for cars with mileage between 10 and 20K, and somewhat more if the mileage dips below 10K depending on what it dips to. Ideally I'm looking for one with between 10 and 20K miles. Hope that helps put it in perspective. I'm simply looking for a keeper to enjoy occasionally for pleasure by driving to shows and not to flip for a quick profit, so I'm looking to pay market value for a decent car.
87 gn

Thanks for your input. Just kinda testing the waters. My 87 GN has 16800 miles. I am 2nd owner. Has t-tops, ps,pw,pdl, g80. original front tires. All original paperwork. everything from original owner ect. has some bolt on mods. but the car is mostly orignal. Thanks