Wtb: 87 deck lid trunk lid rustfree

deck lid

Is that the peice between the trunk and back glass i have one rust free but it has to be repainted let me know thanks.
I got one...3 probs 1) someone welded a piece on the inside to put the factory auto trunk release on it 2) I lost the keys to it and my spare column when i moved..3) Im in michigan....
We have a few down here. Let me know what part of penservanya your in & I can get you shipping quote. Business to business would be cheapest.I May be able to ship regular fed ex.
Shoot me an e-mail back with your zip Bweavy@aol.com
Bump I'm still looking for that darn deck lid it's the last thing I need to finish the body work. I hate to be a pain in the balls.