WTB a stock throttle body


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I have had tuning problems from day one ( hi o2's/knock) and have always suspected my TBody. I put new seals in mine, no help...so does anyone have a good used one?
I have a 87 throttlebody WITH the sensors and everything. $75.00 shipped to your door. some other parts also just let me know what you need.
Donnie, wouldnt a 1984 be different? Can yall state your approx mileage and if there is any play in shaft? I just need TB w/o sensors. Thanks All.
You didn`t mention in your post what year you were working on. I assumed that you need a TB for the 87 that you have listed in your signature. I don`t know if they are different, but probably are. Just thought I would throw mine out there...
Yes , its my 1987 I need one for.
Intercooled 88, can you say how tight yours is, mileage?
49 blues-is yours in good shape, what size and how $?
Scotw-would you sell without sensors for $?

Thanks fellows
Mileage on the TB I have has 80,200 . Engine ran , I can check for play. I have a few of them, I can check for the tightest of them if you want. But I dont know the exact mileage on the others.