WTB: Canada ....hybrid swap car


86/87 t or gn ....looking for a complete car that is running but the body does not have to be in good shape at all. The drive train can need some work but must be running and elec. sound
Thanks guy
I bought a 70000 mile 1 owner car for Dennis Kirban about 4 years ago. I couldn't get an out of province inspection because it needed a power master, d/s manifold and exhaust. Its been in my backyard ever since,,,,,,what do you need.
Where are both you guys from???? I am in Guelph, ont. I have a t-top GN up for sale and I am looking for a project for another motor.
I am in Thunder bay, Ontario.....45min from the MN border and 15hrs away from Toront but willing to travel to pic up. Can you guys PM me with prices and pics of you car.