WTB CAS V4 intercooler shroud

I have a brand new upper/never installed for the Thunder Fab, I could measure if you'd like? The bottom would be very easy to duplicate.
The inside bolting area is 12 1/8" It seems if it had to be opened up or tighten up an 1/8 either way you could bend the aluminum a little.
Btw...It is Black powder coated and the upper half only. A lower scoop could be fabbed up easy.

$60 plus shiping if interested.
12 1/8 wide by 14 1\2 long slotted to fit around sway bar. You fab up the bottom piece to finish it off. Wish I could post some pics :confused: but you could go to TF web site to kind of see what I'm talking about.
The V4 measures 13 1/4 wide & 14 3/4 high, so it looks like it won't fit. I'm going to call TB to see if they can fab one for me.

Thanks for your help...

James :cool: