WTB cheap stock 87 Turbo


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Jul 2, 2018
Mine seized up for unknown reasons (most likely because the car was sitting for 21 years when I purchased it).

Unfortunately, I cannot offer more then $150 for a stock unit shipped to Daytona Beach FL 32114.

This only has to last me for about 20 months daily driving no to work or anything constant. I’m retired but I am very sick from breathing the dust and asbestos while working at the wtc collapse 6 days a week from 9-11-01 till February of 2002. I report to approximately 3 Dr appointments a week that are not very far away but I can only walk around 5 minutes without bring out of breath and tired. And I have a chest X-ray every 2 weeks in port orange (about 7 miles away). so i will need this to be operational and reliable as soon as possible. I own another WE4 that I’m going to have to use till I find a replacement turbo. But my other WE4 was my first car ever I got it when I was 17 in 1987. And the person who got me that car my mom passed away and sometimes it’s hard to drive that car. I’m trying to keep that car as my show/Sunday car and keep the mileage to a minimal. I actually took it off the road this past February when my bday passed because I want it to be a garage queen.

I’m sorry for the long story. I swear On my daughter I lost that it’s all true. I’m living on a fixed income I collect my pension and I make what I can as a side motorcycle mechanic (actually I’m certified in Honda Kawasaki Suzuki and Yamaha). I still have my dealership certification with Suzuki and I’m still a lifetime Suzuki service pro technician. After I retired from fdny I took my pension and moved to Florida to go to wyotech which I graduated top of my class as a tech specializing in Asian (aka crotch rocket motorcycles) I worked for 2 years at a dealership as a mechanic until my breathing got so bad that I would spend weeks in the hospital from an asthma attack. And my health has just been getting worse. So I would like to finish my WE4 project because I really wed it for doctors appointments.
Please don’t think I’m telling that long story to make anyone feel bad for me. It’s late and I physically cannot fall asleep because I get aggravated because I feel like I’ve been cheated out if half of my life. I’m not even 50 yet and I have to sleep with oxygen. And tonight in addition to putting it out there that I need a cheap turbo I was mostly venting as well. It’s almost 4am and I can’t eveb lay down because it feels like I just went swimming like that pain you get in your chest when you go swimming and it’s chilly outside. It’s a painful night and I get pissed off about it.

But anyway if anyone is willing to accept a usps money order I would be happy to send it to you for the turbo. I don’t need the gate or oil lines unless you are gunna throw those parts away then I’ll take them. Now the only requirement I have is a pic of what you got for me. And time is something I don’t have so please sent me the turbo as soon as you get the money. I’m also willing to listen to offers on turbos that are blowing oil I’m willing to pay $100 shipped to 32114 for a turbo that needs new seals because I know someone who can replace the oil seals for $50. But I can’t accept anything with significant shaft play or prop strikes. So I can do $150 shipped for a used stock 1987 turbo that is ready to drop in and last me almost 2 years. Or I’ll pay $100 shipped for that same 1987 stock turbo that is blowing oil past the seals. But no shaft play please. I don’t have the resources to do a rebuild at the moment. I don’t need the elbow, wastegate,or front adapter I can reuse all my old parts.

Thanks for reading. Message me if you can make it happen. Unfortunately due to my issues right now I will have to respond to the best deal that comes my way. Pics are a must!!! And I will gladly send you a pic of the money order made out to you before I ship it to you. And you will even get a tracking number for the money order. I’m a very serious buyer and would never waste anyone’s time. If I give you my word then consider it a done deal.

Please message me with what you got. I need pics please.
Thank you
I'll help you out.I was going to send them off to Kirbans for the same offer.

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Will you accept a money order? I’m in a huge rush to get one so I can put this car on the road.
I'll help you out.I was going to send them off to Kirbans for the same offer.

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I messaged you my number. And shipping address Please give me a call anytime after 1pm today so that we can possibly get things started today. If it’s early enough I can get a money order shipped out to you as early as this afternoon.

Btw does Dennis also buy busted stick turbos? Mine is very hard to turn the shaft. And the blades look a little chewed up. I’m pretty sure that damage happened before I bought the car. But it would be nice to either get some money or a store credit out of my turbo. Thanks again. If possible call me after 1pm and I’ll have a pic of the money order made out to you and I’ll send it in a priority envelope because I’m in a huge rush to get one of those snails in my car.
Thank you so much for stepping up
No worries.ill put it in the mail tomorrow.all a man has is his word an ill take your word that you will send your end if the deal.happy boosting!

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Thank you. That says a lot about your character and heart.
Headed your way!

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You have a heart of Gold and I hope to meet and shake your hand one day. I really need this car functional again. I really really appreciate you stepping up.
Should I make the money order out to the name and address on the return address of the box?
Money order is on it way to you too.
Please lmk if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks again


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Easy peasy,lemon squeezzy.:) PS,hope you start feeling better. Nice job blackazz.
Thanks you for your kind words about my health. It’s been a big pita and sometimes just a person wishing me well health wise can put me in a good mood and make me forget about my condition.
I’m blown away as to how many nice people there are In this community. Everyone has been so nice and stepping up to help me.