WTB decklid, fillers, springs


Sep 28, 2005
that says it im looking for a set of f41 springs fr/rr same with the fillers

and a decent decklid. turbo or N/a perfer turbo (so i can bolt everthing together and GO

lookin for something close to me so i dont have to ship it, but let me know what U got
if it matters my cars a 84 H/A

email, post, or PM prices to me if you can ship include that in post,pm,or email

bumber filler

are you looking for bumber fillers? if so i have the plastic rear filler for sale 100.00 plus shipping. can send pics
yes im looking for front and rear bumper fillers

is the set you have complete all three peices?
i want all three peices

RH/LH/middle section that houses the filler neck hole im kinda skeerd of those fiberglass ones anybody have any feeback on em
I have a set of rear springs.(out of GN) let me know if your interested. make offer.
I got some used front fillers in good shape- already painted black to match the car. $50. shipped.
Hey 49-blues, put me next in line for the front fillers if Karl doesn't want them. Thanks, R.B.