wtb!!!!! lightning rod shifter. please help


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Hi I'm looking to buy some lightning rod shifters from the 80's cutlass to put in my 87 gn. Looking to get everything from the shifters down to the mount that goes on the tranny but will take what I can get and piece it togther if I have too. Please help me with this project. Thanks everyone. Looking to make this happen very soon.
Yea I know its gonna cost but that look is perfect. Wish they still made them. 2 years ago I drove my buddy's 442 with them all summer long and fell in love with them so to make me jelous my cousin just went and bought a 85 hurst olds 442. Man that sucks. So if I find them I will have the best of both worlds.
I have one complete cable everything 4 speed from a hurst olds .The only thing is the balls were painted white but it is easily removed . Pm me and we will take about money .
If you can't hook up with tzque, just check ebay. They have a function on there to save searches, that's how I found my pair. Just put in 200-R4 and Lightning Rods and it will email you when they're up for bids.