WTB: LOTS of Stuff..Vacc Brks,Alum Bmpr Sprt,VCs rolr rokrs, 2x adj. frnt shks, Tublr frnt LCAs


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Looking to purchase the following any or all of the following...I know it is a long list, but if you have any of these items and are looking to sell, please let me know! I have numbered each of the items so it may be easier to refer to when you contact me and let me know what you have and how much you are asking for it:

1) No longer needed at this time.

2) Aluminum front bumper supports. Also interested in the rears as well, but first and foremost the fronts.

3) TA-style valvecovers that will clear roller rockers. Do not have to be anything special, but need to be able to clear roller rockers.

4) No longer needed.

5) Tubular front lower control arms. Either SPC or Spohn.

6) UMI or someone equal's Rear Shock Tower Brace.

7) Rear control arm mount braces.

8) SC&C or equal chassis brace.

9) Kinsler Fuel Injection or equal "Boost-A-Pump". Basically something that you can control that will increase voltage to the pump at your discretion.

10) Air Conditioner Eliminator Bracket.

11) AC delete pulley.

12) No longer needed.

13) Deep/sheet metal oil pan for a motor with a girdle (like the RJC pan)

14) No longer needed

15) Fuel cell, minimum 20 gallon capacity. Will not accept anything in a smaller size.

If you have any of these parts, please contact me with the corresponding item number and the price you are looking for.

I am located in California near San Francisco, so you can use the zip code 94560 as a reference for shipping.

My email or cell phone is the best way to reach me, as I am not always on this site but I always have my phone with me and am always on my email when at work.

My email address is 1987GN@gmail.com and my cell is 707 362 6030.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread, and hopefully we can do some business together!

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