WTB seat bracket manual track LH side


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May 30, 2020
this is my first post of what I hope to be many if I buy this car, that’s if the owner even considers an offer. My best friend growing up’s father always had this beautiful black 86’ GN up the block. It’s been in a garage it’s whole life and I have seen it out of it like 3 times and once we took it around the block in 2002. That time it had like 2 or 3 hundred miles on the clock. The car had the tire nipples still on the car and looked mint, it is mint by any account. I’m older now and have come to appreciate them more as I get older. I know it’s probably a unicorn for grand national guys and now that I have came into some money I was thinking that it would be a car that I would love to own. For personal reasons as well as it is a production year of my birth. Before I go over and talk to him about maybe selling I would love to get some feedback from you guys as to what’s a good number to throw out there that is fair but would not offend the owner. Thank you.
That would be sweet to purchase a GN that you followed as a youngster, and born the same year. If the car has only 500 mile, bone stock,
and it is a garage beauty queen as you claim........ and you're still friends with the family , I would start the offer @ 45K with room to increase.
I think 40-45 would be a fair price for both parties. Tough to buy a car with such low miles and enjoy driving it. Probably a decent investment vehicle if you keep the miles down. Good luck!