WTB:Stock Cam sensor cap?


Dec 30, 2002
My car died at a light today and that is the only piece I haven't replaced on the car. I don't think I need the whole camshaft gear just the cap? Let me know what you got thanks guys.:smile:
I suppose that's a possibility. What did the car do before it died. Was it running oddly before dying? Any loss of power? Any running problems at all? Rich/lean? There's so many things other than the cam sensor that it could be. I'd dig a little deeper if possible before replacing it. However, I do have another one I can let you have for 30.00 plus 5.00 shipping(USPS priority). Let me know.
Matt Golden
I have a brand new Casper adjustable Cam Sensor Cap with signal light for proper setting.$65 shipped in the US.
How many miles on it?

How many miles on it and is it NOS or is it a Caspers one? Let me know thanks guys.:)

Mine is a brand new Caspers. It has the red light to tell you when you're in the correct timing position.. Its still packaged..