wtb: turbo in need of rebuild


Jul 6, 2004
Would like to purchase a turbocharger in need of a rebuild...looking anything not stock...te44, ta49, pt54, te61, te63

the cheaper, the better...must be a good core in good shape

cash in hand
I have an Air Research T-04B turbo (comparable to a TE-44) that is in good working condition. It is a 3 bolt unit that was on my '87 GN motor and hasn't been run in years.

email me at gnx7@hotmail.com for pics

$225 shipped
I have two different turbos that need to be rebuilt. One appears to be a 49 and I cannot tell what the other is. It is close to stock, but I don't think that it is. I need to get rid of both of these. If you would like pics, please send me your email address.

Thanks :)