WTT gmc syclone for 86//87 turbo regal


awd v6 power
Aug 2, 2003
Looking to see if anybody would be interested in a gmc syclone.. I need something with a backseat for those nice days where I want to enjoy my toy and a turbo regal would work great especially since i've owned a few and know my way around them so if you'd be interested let me know. Im not a big fan of chrome trim or mirrors so looking more towards gn's but would love a grey t with blackout package and matching bumpers but let me know what you have. Not sure on cash price but I will say 9K firm but kbb list it as 11.5k in fair condition so let me know what you have.

here goes.. Im third owner and it currently has 93k, many of those miles are highway miles from previous owner when it was stock. I've modified the truck allot so if you want to moth ball it and get top dollar for it in 10 years not really the truck for you but anyway all of the mods have less then 5k on them pretty much except for the turbo and alky injection. They have more like 2k at most.

Pictures are here
Pictures by v6turbo - Photobucket

Mods consist of :

rpm stage 1 turbo with polished housing (less then 1k on it)
stock ecm with t1-18 ultimate bin (also have a pitbull street 2bar chip)
3 bar map (also have 2 bar)
exhaust cutout on stock downpipe
3" catback (rusty)
3" Dynomax Ultra flow stainless round muffler
CK Racing front mount air 2 air ic
Custom ic piping with powder coated black up pipe and all quality black silicone connectors/tbolt clamps
NGK ur5 plugs gapped @ .29
ATR black beautie plug wires
Conrad brass cap/rotor
Optima Redtop battery relocated to pas side bed
2 gauge power wired used for everything
Flaming river big switch cutoff switch
Kirbin billet afpr
Custom adjustable alt bracket setup
March polished and powder coated water pump pulley
Edelbrock Aluminum water pump
CS-144 model 140amp alternator
AC fully deleted from engine bay
Non AC heater box
Volvo 3000cfm efan wired to a 60amp relay triggered by ic pump
Devilsown Progressive 3bar alky injection kit with three different size nozzles
EGR blockoff plate from turbotime
EGR disabled with in the bin
o2 bung welded to stock downpipe
Innovative LM1 wideband
Cruise Control deleted
ABS deleted
All vacuum lines switched to Baker silicone
Goodmark steel 2" cowl hood
GM oem ss/zr1 silver 17x9.5 rims
Skulett billet 1.25" spacers on the rear
Rikein Rapter 275/40/17 tires on all four
Lund Backdraft spoiler
Typhoon mirrors
Smoked oem tail lights
Belltech 3" drop springs (1 year old)
Battle Bar traction bars
Gilbert HD Propshaft
Detriot Turbo ss range selector for gilbert shaft
HID 4600kb headlights (plug n play setup)
Hella H4 Euro Spec glass housings
LoTek dual 2 1/6 a pillar pod matched to interior color
Cyberdyne digital electric fuel pressure gauge
VDO old school boost gauge 0-30psi
Pioneer cd/mp3 deck
Walbro 255 pump (so i've been told)
180 degree thermostat
OEM starter, replaced in the summer

Also included would be both upper/lower oem mint fan shrouds, ac firewall box, condenser and whatever else I can find. Stock rims have been sold though.

The bad:

The truck needs paint, they came with the same crappy paint gn's did so any kind of sun and weather and well you know. The paint shines like the day it was new but it's chipping especially on the roof but still looks great.

Truck has a tiny bit of rust bubbling under paint on the front driver side fender and some on the back side bottom of the tailgate. I had plans to replace the tailgate and fender all together with with oem parts then paint the truck including the cladding (ground effects) so it wasn't a huge concern to me and if the truck doesn't get traded i'll just moth ball it until I can save for that.

Heater core went years ago and I by passed it since it only gets driven on nice days in nice weather so I didn't need it but it's a $38 part and a two hour job. Other then that it shifts awesome and is very very quick. It would need a good tune if you want to use the meth injection though because I haven't had time or money to spend on getting it tuned with that plus there's no all wheel drive dyno's in my area. Otherwise it runs drives great but like anything if you want the most out of the mods done you have to have it tuned. I don't race it or I should say I haven't had time yet to actually get into racing it because we just had our first baby and time is something I don't have too much of anymore.

I've only had the truck at the track one night and it was back years ago when it was factory stock except for a atr pitbull 2 bar chip and afpr. The truck ran a best of 13.08 at 99mph in the quarter. I only got three runs in that night but I was happy with that because it was in complete street trim right down to the 17" radials.. now with the mods it has and some good tuning the truck should be high 11's low 12's depending on your tune anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask


How much out right no trade??
How much boost are you running???

9k at least and it's currently at 18lbs and I've really yet to mess with upping it and tune for meth injection but hopefully this summer i'll dive into that if I don't trade the truck away. Im not really pressed to sell it it's just whenever we go out and I want to take the toy I can't because with the new baby boy there's now three of us which doesn't work with a two seater :)

Where in NJ are you?


Im located in Marlton/08053 which is south jersey
Took the truck out to work today since it was so nice out and a wooping 4 mile commute :)

I managed to stop at a historic farm and covered bridge down the street from work for a quick pic or two because it's always fun to see pics

Ground effect would have been waxed for the pics so that they are darker and match the paint better but I didn't plan on driving the truck this week at all plus it's been crappy here lately weather wise.






Sorry about the size of the pics guys
how does your truck handle? how much different is it driving a boosted truck than a boosted regal.
I see your truck does not have air conditioning. Is that how all Syclones and Typhoons came? or was air an option that could be deleted on the Sy/Ty trucks?
how does your truck handle? how much different is it driving a boosted truck than a boosted regal.

Syclones drive very different from tr's, there a 3500lb awd turbo two seater with it's bread and butter being light to light action. The torque and spool is instant and with the all wheel drive traction isn't a concern.

It does handle much better then the tr's i've owned and driven.. not much body roll at all and it does have 275 40 17"s all the way around so that helps a bit but it does tend to grab the groves in the roads if there bad just like my corvette and other cars with simular sized tires in front. A rear swaybar kit is very common with these and typhoons and makes a huge difference.. makes it feel like it's on rails and I plan on picking one up later this summer some time if I hang on to the truck.

I see your truck does not have air conditioning. Is that how all Syclones and Typhoons came? or was air an option that could be deleted on the Sy/Ty trucks?

All syclones and typhoons came with air conditioning. Only option offered from the factory was a cd player over the tape deck. Other then that some owners had pin striping installed or electric opening back window by dealerships but neither were offered by the dealership.

I removed mine because I never used it and wanted to shed some pounds off the truck because I had goals of racing it but haven't gotten around to it yet.
i have a blue 87 t-type if intrested call me ray 609 381 1614. car is very clean runs very good. located in south jersey.