Wtt: My cutlass for your t-type


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Sep 20, 2010
I have a built up '83 cutlass that I am willing to trade for an intercooled regal of some sort. I realize for an even trade i would be getting a turbo car that needs work obviously. I'm just looking to mix it up a little and go with something new and different... and i wanna go fast lol. Inquire for details about the cutlass. Not new to our G-body cars in any way :cool:

Apparently I'm a noob and cant post links yet, I have a photobucket "account" if you will with all my pics that i will put up as soon as i reach some higher status in the world of turbo buicks :D

Don't pay attention to the dirt!



Any interest?


The 1st pic looks like the car show in good ole J-town! You local? :D nice looking cutty! I dont have a car to trade but interested in seeing the cutty in person!

Hey Chris. Actually I live around Erie, and that pic was taken downtown on state street for the last big show of the year.

How far are you away from erie? also keep your eyes peeled for a T for me :biggrin: -Matt


Thats wild man. That pic looks just like downtown Jeannette! Wow! Well, if you're in Erie, your about 3 hours away from me. I live about 30 minutes East of Pittsburgh. I will keep my eyes open for ya!

Take care!

Ive been seeing some deals on t types and gns im sure youll find a trade... Bump for a clean oldsmobubble cutloose !!!!!!