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Nov 25, 2002
I am looking into getting some WWII guns, not right now, but with in the next couple years. i am looking at getting a M1 Garand and a Thompson SMG. i know that the M1's arent that uncommon to come across, but the Thompson may be a little more challenging. i think i am going to have to have a Class III weapons permit? not to sure...

but does anyone know anything about these two guns? any thing to look for? any thing to stay away from?


Why not just go semi auto , some local gun stores may even have them , the M1 isnt to hard to find and the thompson is attainable too . You should stop being a Pu$$y and just go for the 30cal belt feed , i think a semi one is about 2grand . Check out gun list or shotgun news . online check out www.gunsamerica.com for prices . For full auto the class 3 permit is required and alot of spending $$$ .If you must immediatly have full auto just go out to Vegas and rent the full auto thompson at "the gun shop" on tropicana , i did it was fun and cheaper than sitting at a table for hours .
I just took a peek at guns america the M1 Garand is around 1k the thompson is going to be a bit harder to find there were few listings . Under the freedom of firearms act the F.B.I will send you their old tommyguns if you send a self adressed andstamped envelope , wait i think im confused again :p forget that .
Pick yourself up a copy of the shotgun news and you can find what you need.
a full auto thompson aint cheap, around 8000 -12000 bucks depending on the model. you can still get the semi autos brand new for about 750. except for the longer barrel they look cool. drum magazines (you got to get one for that gangster look) cost around 500 bucks. stick magazines are cheap though.
All you need to own a full auto weapon is to complete the federal paper work,get fingerprinted,pay a 200 dollar tax and wait on them to do a background investigation on you.
Come on......

Now if you want some good ole fashioned "home protection" Go with the Street Sweeper. I have 2...consecutive serial numbered. These bad boys are 12 round 12 gauge semi autos!! You can empty 12-12 gauge slugs in less than 5 seconds!!:eek: These I have under lock and key. My baby is my Mossberg Marine-coat. Something about the "Slide" sound of a 12 gauge pump that makes a crook say "sh*t....I am DEFINITELY in the wrong house!":D
Hey Qwikturbo just to let you know if you dont already a few years back the ATF rulled that the streetsweeper and the USAS12 are destructive devices and need to be registered as such , so im sure you did this , but say someone didint and the wrong person saw someone with those guns they could be in trouble with those ATF guys , their so strict about the little details you know , well being im from N.Y which is a state that dosnt alow destuctive devices you wouldnt be able to legally register one here anyway , unlike Florida which is a total yahoo state , very cool in my opinion . :p

If you are looking for a REAL M1 Garand look no further than the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program). Through the CMP you can buy an orginal USGI Garand direct from a government arsenal for $500. Yes the rifle may be 60 or so years old and will probably need some TLC, but regardless I've seen some guys luck out and get an arsenal rebuild that would have cost twice as much if it was purchased at a gun show. For the price you pay even if you wind up getting a rough rifle, the receiver alone is worth the price you will pay for the entire rifle. At least when you buy from CMP you know you are getting original GI stuff and not some aftermarket junk made in some guy's garage. At the CMP you will get an original Garand made by one of the four original U.S. contractors: Springfield Armory, Winchester, Harrington Richardson, International Harvester. You can rest assured that you will have an original piece with forged parts rather than junk cast knockoff parts.
does the CMP have a web site? and i heard that if you get on that list, you are going to be waiting for like 5 years for one?

thanks for the info

Yup Galoush.....

They were re-classified as a Class 3 destructive device back around.....I want to say 1995-96...maybe earlier. And yes...they are very cool. They (not mine) were featured in a movie as well..."NEXT OF KIN". The graveyard shootout scene. The Italians were using them against the "Hillbillys" in that movie. Pretty cool to see em in action.
Hey i got a good street sweeper story for you , I was a transit cop in New york city it was new years eve in harlem Transit district 3 and it was i think 93 going into 94. People were shooting guns all over it was really wild . So they get a guy with a streetsweeper around 108th st near the 1/9 train station , so me and this other guy i was working with head over there to see what was up . We get there and this crazy Lt. i had is holding a streetsweeper so i walk up and ask him if its unloaded and he says no that he doesnt know how to , so i offer to show him but he says that well wait for the transit EMRU (ESU now ) to show up . They show up and are cluless so he yells " get that gun buff over here to " I go and tell the guy how to unload it , i wont go into that because im sure you know too , so i tell himm the guns got to be on safe or hes going to let a round off , so now in the street this guy is unloading it pointing the gun into this alcove with metal doors and the drum is going around and hes rodding the empties out , i turn to the Lt. and say " See Lou i told you we knew what were doing" sooner than said the gun goes off BOOM luckily the jacksass was pointing it into this alcove which took the blast . The Lt is like thank you ill take that back now . The dumb ass had the saftey on fire and was pulling the trigger all the way back and there were a few live rounds in it still . Then another EMRU Guy is like " ohhh there just blanks , i pick up a shell and read 7 3/4 shot on it im like no there not . So of course me the " Stupid Rookie " got the blame :rolleyes:

If you haven't already, here's 2 things to do at this stage in your quest:

1.) Read "SHOTGUN NEWS" regularly cover-to-cover (available at most large bookstores & nearly all gunshops). Lots of militaria ads, as well as listings of major gun shows.

2.) Go to every gunshow near you as often as you possibly can, & ask as many people every question that develops along the way.

Nothing beats hands-on up-close contact within the gun community.

Some gun shows are specifically dedicated to military weapons & paraphenalia, but all gun shows we've attended have had 1/4-1/3 of their tables (at a minimum) rented by military-oriented gun collectors/traders/vendors.

Have fun, be safe & HTH :)
My buddy confiscated a fully automatic MAC 10 (Ingersoll Rand, too!) in 9mm with 10 32 round magazines and flash supressor. Guy had a class 3 license for it too. Also had a stainless steel .44 Magnum. Idiot was arrested for domestic violence and said something like "I'm gonna come back here for you...and I've got guns!" Not anymore!
Yeah Galoush.....

I have only "dry fired" these. Niether one has had a round put through it...it is VERY tempting though! If i remember correctly...the price was 1300 for both of them...almost 10 years ago. Wonder what they are worth now....any estimate? Cant really tell with Class 3 stuff.

Now another gun i wouldnt mind having in my collection would be the Calicos...they had that round cylinder type clip that had to be loaded and wound after each round was inserted. They were pretty cool but looked pretty labor intensive as far as operating goes. I think they were available in 9mm and .22...if I remember right.
Thats not big

Originally posted by mike85gn
Go big or go home... Powered by 20mm...

Ah Hell, just go all the way!


I worked on these during my 6 yrs in the navy. 20mm depleted uranium rounds fired at 50 rounds a second. I always dreamed of mounting one of those on the back of a big arse pickup truck with a joystick control up front for those idiot tailgaters and people who cut me off :)