Xdrilled rotors


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Nov 19, 2002
WHo has gotten Cross Drilled and/or slotted rotors? I am looking for some and I understand there is allot of crap out there.. So who are some good mfg's?

I got the Power stop drilled rotors from summit. I have the 12 inch front discs so I don't know the part number for the stock replacements. I was told that Power stop is made by TRW.
Tarey D.
stock size cross drilled are marginal since the stock rotor size is small. They are better in venting the the gases under the pad but with good pads...skeptical on the gases. Daily driver/stock rotor size and the cross drilled and heavy braking will normally crack between the holes... dimpled rotors are a way around.
I was considering cross-drilled and/or slotted and/or cryogenically treated rotors for my F-150 a while ago. My F-150 has front discs and rear drums and weighs 5,000 pounds and all the weight is on the front wheels - it eats rotors and pads.

Anyway, I spoke to a guy who was pretty adamant that cross-drilling was a bad deal as it removes a fair amount of metal, thereby reducing the mass of the rotor and making it more difficult for it to absorb and transfer heat. His feeling was that slotting accomplished the same purpose while sacrificing less metal, which is to prevent gas build-up between the rotor and pad.

Of course, he liked slotted, cryogenically treated rotors the best.

Try www.frozenrotors.com